8 of the Best Things to Do on a 5 Day Trip to Iceland


The Northern Lights, the glaciers, the natural pools and geothermal baths, the midnight sun during the summer solstice, and the diverse natural attractions and scenery are just some of the many things that are best seen with your own eyes. And a great way to experience it is to take a 5 day trip to Iceland armed with a list of must-see sights that you could try to squeeze in as much as you can in your itinerary. With so many natural treasures and stunning attractions to explore in so limited time, here are some of the top things you might not want to miss.

1. Take a dip at the Blue Lagoon, the country’s famous geothermal spa, in Grindavík.

2. Experience the bright summer nights and wait for the midnight sun to set if you are in Iceland during the longest day of the year. Or plan your trip around the best times to watch out for the Northern Lights.

3. Explore the Golden Circle and make a pit stop at the Geysir and see some of the hot springs and geysers in the area. Not to mention the multicolored boiling mud pits add to the spectacular beauty of this popular geothermal field.

4. Make a detour to Thingvellir National Park and take in all the amazing scenery including a view of Iceland’s largest natural lake – the Þingvallavatn.

5. Do not end your trip along the Golden Circle without catching a glimpse of the iconic Gullfoss waterfall.

6. See the dramatic landscapes and experience a deep sense of solitude and isolation from the outside world in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.

7. Watch the cascading waters of the stunning Skógafoss at the Skógá River in Skógar. Don’t forget to take a photo after you are done just standing there in awe of its magnificent beauty.

8. Visit the Lake Myvatn Geothermal Area and see some of the many ancient formations that form part of the dramatic scenery. You can also take the time to learn about the legends and stories surrounding some of the area’s many attractions.